I’m Confused. What is SEO – How It Works.

seo expertsNot all businesses have SEO Experts on their staff. The average person, when asked “ What is SEO?” will not have an accurate answer. We want every one of our clients to know what it is and why they need it.

First and foremost,  you need a website. One that is visually appealing, user friendly, and mobile responsive. However, that isn’t enough. You can have the most appealing site, be user friendly, mobile responsive and yet not be getting any traffic. This is where optimization comes in.

You need content that your potential clients are interested in reading. At Timed Partner Media we work with you to ensure your content is interesting, well written and original. We use a link building campaign to improve your company’s rankings.

At Timed Partner Media, we commit to achieving the best results for the least investment of your money, with plans to fit every budget.


5 things your SEO Experts suggest.

  1. Planning: Have a Step by Step plan to Brand & Index your business.
  2. Strategy: Have a high level plan to reach your business growth & revenue goals.
  3. Optimization:  Grow your visibility and exposure on the search engines.
  4. Research: Know what keywords you need, in order to target your ideal clients and ensure your company’s performance.
  5. Results: Have a clear picture of what results (in time spent & dollars invested) you are expecting from your marketing campaigns.

seo expertsReaching Goals

What do you want your business to stand for in the marketplace? How do you want to impact the world, through your quality products and/or services?

Have a clear understanding of the daily reports that show your growth in visibility and exposure on the search engines.


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