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timed partnerDigital vs. traditional marketing?

This has been a long standing debate and there are supporters on both sides who will defend their choice strongly. As a business owner,  it is up to you to look at the pros and cons of each option and decide which one is the best for you. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are using traditional methods.

Spending money with SEO Experts.

The first thing you ought to know is that most businesses are now doing digital marketing because that is where consumers are shopping - when users need to buy a product or service they look online to find a vendor that they feel they can trust. Here are other benefits of digital marketing that you should keep in mind as you make your decision:

It is less expensive than traditional marketing.

Consider this - a single spot of a radio broadcast costs about $150, a small newspaper ad will cost about $250, a magazine ad will cost twice that much and a direct mail campaign costs an average of about $900.

Now compare this to digital marketing; if you want to pay for ads you can spend as little as $50. A social networking campaign on a site like Facebook will cost you about $75. These are targeted campaigns. They reach people who are ready to buy what you are selling. They reach your potential customers at the right time. When it comes to cost digital marketing wins hands down.

Higher Return on investment with digital marketing than with traditional marketing.

Good SEO Experts will benefit you more than what you spend with them - remember, the marketing is targeted and it reaches users at the right time, which means there is a much better chance that they will buy. If you use traditional marketing,  you may end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars before you see your money's worth.

People are much more responsive to digital marketing than they are to traditional marketing

Most people no longer read traditional newspapers or magazines - they get these products through their computers and mobile devices. When you persist in using these traditional methods of marketing, money is spent, and lost, that would be better invested in digital marketing.

Digital marketing results are quantifiable

It is crucial to be able to compare what you are spending for digital vs. traditional when it comes to marketing. With traditional marketing,  it is very hard to tell, for example, if you take out an ad in a newspaper, there might be sales afterwards but you cannot be sure how many people bought because they saw the ad.

An online ad is different - each time it is clicked on you can see and you can follow the user up to whatever point they get to in the buying process. If they drop out halfway,  you have their email address allowing you to follow up with emails to sweeten the deal. There is no way to do this kind of follow-up with traditional marketing methods and you only hope that what you are spending is equivalent to or more than what you are getting.

Digital marketing allows you to compete

SEO Experts will tell you that you should embrace digital marketing. It allows you to compete with others in your niche and to create your digital footprint.

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