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Timed Partner Media was founded by Barbara Ellison of Cortland, IL. When she is asked "why" she is quick to mention that at first she didn't see the value in becoming an SEO Expert (Search Engine Optimization) and literally walked away from the training opportunity. However, Fate has a way of making it's path known. The very next day she realized that not only would learning SEO help her own coaching business, it would also give her the opportunity to help others who were in the same boat as she was. Building a new business and yet not knowing how to get ranked on the Search Engines.

She realized that many small businesses owners wanted the one on one attention that she is known for. Statistically only 50% of small businesses have a website and of those that do only 44% of them are optimized. Many did not know even the basics of what was needed to rank on the search engines. Her mission became to help small Learn the Basics and then for Every Business that she works with, to make them Well known and Well paid for what they bring to the marketplace. When a business owner is well known and well paid they are then able to take care of their own needs to provide for their family and they are also able to give back to their community.

When a business can find a real problem that ordinary people want to help solve it can then Make an impact in the world through that business.

With our mission in mind Timed Partner Media – located in DeKalb County, IL. proudly became members of the Co-Opvertising Network.


Re-define Success by helping others First!

To massively succeed, you must be willing to serve!



Barbara joined the Co-Op as a new approach to marketing her business that totally aligned with her own values of how she wanted to do her business. It has become so much more.

Through the Co-Op she learned that there was an alarming number of children who only eat when they are at school and who have no resources for food when they leave school.

The Illinois Food Bank has stated that peanut butter is the #1 requested food item and yet it is the least food that is donated. It is now the goal of the Co-Op to cover the local food bank's budget for peanut butter.

Timed Partner Media has pledged to help raise that goal by taking part in the Peanut Butter Challenge.   Our goal is to raise 40,000 jars this year.

Timed Partner Media

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Cortland, IL