About us

Making an impact in the world through business is possible. Find real problems that ordinary people want to solve.

Timed Partner Media – located in DeKalb County, IL. We have committed our support to local non-profit and service agencies.  Making an impact in the World is an honor and a privilege. This can change the face of how we do business now and for the future.

Adventure Works DeKalb, IL

We donate 10% of Timed Partner Media’s gross revenues to this worthy cause. Adventure Works’ mission is:

Guiding youth in overcoming life challenges through adventure based counseling and education.

Having a Mission to Make an Impact in the World!

Making an impact in the world is more and more relevant in the marketplace of today.  It is not uncommon that successful businessmen admit that they were driven by personal pain. The desire to correct a problem that afflicted them or a loved one personally. One of the best ways to build a business that will have an impact on the world is not just to have motivation, but to be driven by that thing that is deep and personal.

As a business owner you may have struggled for ideas about what kind of business you can start that can make a difference. At Timed Partner Media our team of experts will work hand in hand with you to perfect the business model that will reflect our commitment to improving the lives of others while building a successful business for yourself and your family.

Have you thought about an idea that can improve your own life?

An idea that solves a problem that people out in the world struggle with? Something that you have struggled with yourself? Solving a real problem and making an impact in the world is different from just creating a solution that you think is helpful. The fact that you are trying to solve a problem that is personal to you means that you will reach deeper down for answers, and when you come across obstacles you will work your hardest to overcome them.

It is true that in today’s world it is a bit harder to find challenges that make us feel motivated – we have almost everything that we need. We have homes, money, assets, electronics and gadgets to help us in our daily lives and more. So you can look beyond yourself – you can think about all the people out in the world who struggle with problems that you can solve by starting a simple business. It doesn’t have to be big idea – it is the simple things that make lives easier for those who are not so fortunate.